[Old Media] One hell of the curse

Sure, the Capitol and the economy are intertwined in a lichen-like relationship of failure right now. That’s ok. I’d rather point out something fantastic in sports media.

Usually, I get Sports Illustrated around Thursday or Friday of each week. For some reason, the stars aligned and I didn’t get it until Monday’s mail arrived.

Let the irony, pace and relevance of this traditional media commence!

Two great articles from this week’s issue:

1. Why the Dallas Cowboys are unbeatable. (Final score, Washington 26, Dallas 24).
2. Georgia has been impressive in dismantling their opponents so far, but can they stay number one on the way into SEC play. (Final score, Alabama 40, Georgia 31).

When it comes to the sports media, if ESPN is the glitzy, Laguna-Beach-watching teenager, Sports Illustrated is the old man with a pipe that you nod and smile at because you heard the story fourteen times by the time he tells it.

The weekly format for a sports ‘zine provides a unique atmosphere in the World Wide Web of instant gratification. ESPN.com dominates my demographic of 20-something males. Mobile web is probably used the most (and I’m not making this up) to check sports scores. I’ve read this story before.

I get e-mails from SI all the time about new content on the site. The articles are there, but I still get the hard copy. If this magazine can hang around, even in it’s week-old, outdated format, then, wow.

Plus, I have to love that the Cubs were somehow involved very prominently as the other major article in this issue. Seriously Cubs fans, how comfortable do you feel right now.

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