Two college football articles I can deal without this week

It is absolutely inevitable that before Thursday’s “Mythical” National Championship game between Florida and Oklahoma, the following two articles are going to be written by a online sports influencer:

(No offense, but I have a feeling Dan Shanoff will be responsible for both of the following).

1. “See, if we would have had a playoff this year…”

Look, we’re all smart. Yes, if there would have been an 8-team playoff, SC, Utah, likely Texas and the winner of Florida-Oklahoma would be the “final four.” Please please don’t try to put these match-ups together and try and break down hypothetical Utah-Florida and USC-Texas games. It’s tempting. Don’t do it.

Embrace what we have, embrace the tradition of the bowl system. The fact of the matter is that even an 8-game playoff this year would have left teams at home. In fact, your conference champions from the Big East and ACC would have knocked out Oh. St. and, unfortunately, Utah.

This year is no different, as Dr. Saturday pointed out, than any of the times in the last few years (as recently as ’04 with Auburn and USC) where we’ve contemplated splitting the championships. It is a part of history (in fact, my alma mater claims a share of the 1940 title. I’m ok with that). And I’m convinced that no matter how hard we try, someone will be left out of a playoff because separating 8 and 9, however you do it – computers, media, committees – is even harder than separating 2 and 3.

2. “Next year’s top five will be…”
2a. “Next year’s top five will be (if Tebow/Stafford/Bradford/whomever doesn’t declare for the draft)…”

Someone wants to be the first to say that USC, Texas or Florida will be next year’s preseason number 1. The problem is that the same people who build and vote in the preseason polls are usually the same ones in favor of a playoff. Ohio State got into the Fiesta Bowl this year based on nothing more than starting with a high rank, losing to two top ten teams, and inertia keeping them there. The computers aren’t smart enough to fix that. So, hold your judgement ’til people play.

I also expect the hypothetical top fives based on who’s staying and who is going. That’s just going to get annoying. Patience people.

End of rant. Let’s just watch some football.


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