First Offender: Spencer Hall

I thought I asked nicely for people not to write this column. Sigh.

What’s shocking that it was Spencer Hall, aka, Orson of Every Day Should Be Saturday. *Who’s team won last night*

5. Give me the gas and I’ll see you in Moscow. Sooo…line up Utah versus Florida for the 15th in New Orleans, and USC versus Texas in Pasadena on the same day, and then have the winners do it here in Miami on the 22nd. When Patton reached the line of control with the Russians, he allegedly said, “Give me a million gallons of gas and I’ll see you in Moscow.” Give me the money to make it happen, and we’ll see you in Playoffland for the war we all really want to see.

Now, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised that the offender I thought (Shanoff) and the person who ended up making the call are both Florida fans. They want to shut-up the doubters. Fair enough. But stop whining. You have the crystal ball of the mythical national championship.

Hall’s full piece is actually really quite good, especially for being posted at 1 a.m. from Dolphin stadium. Check it out.

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