The evolution of the news flow

Really interesting piece from Thomas Baekdal [H/T to Lifehacker] on the form that our media consumption has changed in the last century. I love the chart he uses to illustrate it as well:

From Baekdal, on explaining what his article is trying to do:

We are seeing an entirely new way for people to interact. One that makes all traditional ways seem silly. It is a fundamental shift, and it will completely change the world as we know it. And the best thing about it is that you get to help make it happen.

Baekdal does also look to what is coming in media and believes that the traditional veins don’t have much time left at all (he marked 2020 as the end of traditional media). I still think there will always be a purpose for the loudspeaker of mainstream media that can’t necessarily be replicated in social media. Sure, it won’t have the targeting from which social media benefits, but until the access wall breaks down (and who knows, it may a little), there is a need.

Now, what should they do with that access? That’s up for the old media giants to figure out. Otherwise, Baekdal is completely right: they won’t have a puncher’s chance.


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