Dead Tree Media: just $99 a year!

For just $99 each year, you can get an exact, digital replica of USAToday online. That’s not all, act now and it comes with pretty interactive features, including such luxuries as “it’s part of the Internet.”

No, seriously, that’s a selling point:

Connect to Internet – All links throughout content and advertisements will be clickable, allowing readers to access Web sites outside the digital reader environment.

I feel a little insulted. Just go to a hotel and steal it from the lobby like everyone else. Except for the sports section and pretty (albeit, occasionally trivial) infographics, does anyone truly read USA Today anymore anyway?

In some ways, I’m not surprised that USAToday/Gannett was first. I actually wonder if this will trickle through each Gannett operation across the country. Needless to say, but I will anyway, this isn’t the solution to falling revenues.

H/T to Fishbowl DC


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