Life and Times at the Emmy Awards

Last year’s Emmy Awards Show was awful. The five hosts thing, pandering toward reality TV (remember: those writers are a lot cheaper than the WGA folks). It was nice to see it turn a corner under the master guidance of Neil Patrick Harris.

It made it full circle and onto this blog for several reasons (although, if I could go out and find a list of all of the fake resume credits that John Hodgman came up with during his color commentary, I’d be really happy). The first is that “primetime” has seemingly gone the way of analog cable in the last year as the times that shows are on seem to matter less and less in an age of DVR and Hulu. Still, for me it’s pretty close to must watch TV.

Second reason why? Not only did Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog – the online only movie that was written/produced during the Writer’s Srtike at the end of 2007 – win an Emmy this year, it’s cast (including Emmy Host Neil Patrick Harris) made a nice little appearance to talk about the future of television. Enjoy:

Edit 9/23: The original one was removed, it appears, but here’s another version. The original is still down there in case it comes back.


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