It’s not Thanksgiving without Newspapers

A special announcement from your friendly neighborhood “Big Print” trade association, the Newspaper Association of America (h/t: MediaFile). The below ad will be running nationwide on Monday to remind us that, sure, Turkey, Football, and Family are nice, but all of that means nothing if we can’t read the glossy ads on Thursday morning to plot our savings for Black Friday.

The Google friendly copy of the stats, will have to do some digging tomorrow for the source (i.e., not on my way out the door):

  • 104 million adults read a newspaper in our country every day.
  • 67 % clip and save coupons
  • 82 % use newspaper inserts when shopping
  • 79 % read newspaper inserts to help make purchasing decisions
  • 56 % bought something in the past month as a result of a newspaper ad

2 Comments on “It’s not Thanksgiving without Newspapers”

  1. […] event and business decision, to take the center stage. Macy’s could have bought an ad in the circular-driven Thanksgiving Day edition. Instead, they invested a little more and now are nearly synonymous with the holiday morning […]

  2. […] too. When newspaper execs wanted to convince advertisers around Thanksgiving, they also went with the full page billboard. Still about as […]

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