Interconnected Media Win: How I Met Your Mother

I’ve never been one to shy away from the crutch of my own life that is pop culture. Monday nights are no different, yet, today I get to let it all collide. The winner of broadcast media today is the production crew of How I Met Your Mother. No fewer than five separate social media properties were created – including a fake Wikipedia page – to promote a small bit on the show in the name of a fake character, Lorenzo von Matterhorn.

You don’t mess with Wikipedia, though. Within an hour of the show’s conclusion, the fake page has been replaced with the more factual stub, but history’s don’t lie (click to enlarge):

I have to give them credit – the crew of this show is constantly thinking up new ideas to drive it out there and going with every possible channel. Whether it’s the mysterious or the many other sites that have long been registered or planned that work their way into the broadcast, kudos. According to the now accurate page, this article had gone wholly unnoticed since it was created a month ago.

New media isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity. If Lorenzo can develop the voices of rescued strayed puppies and turn them into the most successful animal musical act since the Beatles, than (wait for the pun) I think the old dog of the media world could learn a few new tricks from him.


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