Sarcasm: Blogging’s Dealbreaker Over Newspapers

I like pandas, and I’m not afraid to admit it. So, when my local National Zoo reports the sad news that the District is losing its adorable, young Panda, part of me feels empty inside.

I needed a laugh this Friday, and it came courtesy of some quick-witted commenters on DCist’s report:

Attack of the Sarcastic Commenters

Sarcasm. It’s why the Internet exists. It’s also one thing we can do when it comes to the medium that really can’t be done as directly and as humorously when it comes to the print version of the story.

Love commenters or hate them, it’s true.


One Comment on “Sarcasm: Blogging’s Dealbreaker Over Newspapers”

  1. Jarret says:

    a unique dialogue to be sure. but I wonder how quick somebody signs on and takes the comments seriously– and down a Godwin’s Law sort of route. Or perhaps more scary, the real threads that exhibit John Birch-like fears of our collapsing American society

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