The Expected Decade-in-Review Post

I could be completely predictable and do another year/decade in review type blog post. I’d be late to the party with just three days to go in 2009, plus I stole the fantastic chart from the Times yesterday.

Over my last year, I’ve waxed plenty poetic and accused many an organization of sticking too much to tradition instead of innovation. By doing a year in review, I’m just playing right into that. Look, we get it – according to every media organization ever as well as your eye balls and the University of Common Sense – the way we consume information has radically changed. Hell, I was using Dogpile in 1999. Information seeking alone, we’ve gotten better.

At the end of this year, I don’t think it’s worth recognizing the lack of utility of the old forms of media. There is a time and place for all of that, and we could have easily done this at the end of the last decade, too. You see, the aughts weren’t the first decade in which technology grew to replace its predecessors. Rotary dial was obsolete before I was born, and even that has some sort of impact on our mobile phone media today. Or at least the manner in which you can leave me a voicemail or press 1 for English.

So, this is my impassioned plea: instead of focusing on what we lost, let’s focus on what’s to come. The fantastic developments in the areas of flash media, digital imaging, broadband, wireless. These shouldn’t be seen as the harbingers of doom upon what we know, but instead the start of something great. Make 2010 the year of media innovation – that way the year in review is actually full of optimism instead of obituaries.

Happy New Year to all.

(cc) Flickr user TomRaven


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