[My Last Conan Post] Is Pre-Order the Right Word?

Someone might want to double check to see if they are still planning on releasing these bad boys on February 15th…you know, a full three weeks after Conan’s last show.

Emphasis added on two fantastic portions here.

First, we may need a better definition of availability for anything involving Mr. O’Brien these days. By my understanding on the final agreement, Conan’s availability is September, not February.

Second, and I hope this line lives forever, the description: “Show some love for the dominant late-night host and his new gig with the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.”

UPDATE 1:24 p.m.: Thanks to the excellent photo work of Mediaite’s editor, Rachel Sklar, we get a few fun images from inside the 30 Rock store. Where will all that great (on discount tables and apparently flying off the shelves, according to Rachel) Conan gear go! Also, check out the contrast with the Leno display in the store.

Conan O'Brien apparel at 30 Rock (photo credit Rachel Sklar)

Jay Leno Show Display at 30 Rock (photo credit Rachel Sklar)

I have to put this on the shelf now and find a new topic, so I’m enacting a self-imposed Conan ban (at least on the blog, not on Twitter).


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