NBC’s $250m Vancouver Loss [Now at Mediaite]

My newest column is up over at Mediaite. The topic this time? How NBC could have seen that $250 million Olympic loss coming. Here’s a quick excerpt:

[NBC Sports head Dick] Ebersol may hope that people have blocked out the downturn in 2006 thanks to the Olympic success in 2008 – but that credit should go to Michael Phelps and Michael Phelps’s Abs. The Summer Olympics have negligible competition when lined up near the February TV landscape, and there was also some really convenient scheduling: swimming events held in the morning in Beijing were live in American primetime, and brand name celebrities were plentiful through Phelps, the stars of the Men’s Basketball team, and even non-American studs like Usain Bolt. Ebersol hit the jackpot. Now? He’s resting his laurels on Apollo Anton Ohno, who’s about as hip as a Roots beret and a red-headed snowboarder who is more a poster child for extreme sports than Olympic gravitas.

The full post is here. Looking forward to some good comments on this one!


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