[Quote of the Day] The White House & The iPodization of News

One theory the White House is testing is that people are beginning to treat their news like they treat their iPod – they consume it on demand, in segments. If people weren’t able to watch [the State of the Union] at 9 o’clock on Wednesday night, they can watch it on YouTube whenever they want. Or if they don’t have an hour to watch it, we have cut it up into the section on jobs, the section on energy, the section on health care, and then you can just watch that part. And we’re tracking it to get a sense of how quickly we’re moving to on-demand media consumption.

Dan Pfeiffer, White House Communications Director, in a video interview with Politico as part of the “Inside Obama’s Washington” series. (h/t Mike Allen)


One Comment on “[Quote of the Day] The White House & The iPodization of News”

  1. Jarret says:

    just read Ken Auletta’s piece in a recent New Yorker about the press’s perception of Gibbs and the administration’s overall attitude toward the media. Might the iPodization of the White House press agenda effectively circumvent traditional press coverage?

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