[Weekend Treat] This Too Shall Pass

Who hasn’t yet seen the epically cool OK Go video for “This Too Shall Pass” (don’t worry, it’s embedded below just in case)? Two separate items for your enjoyment on top of the video. The first is the above story, of which I learned in A.J. Jacobs’s personal history/quest to be the smartest man in the world by reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica, The Know-It-All. This story was a talking point with a few friends when we first heard the song earlier this year, and with the new video, it’s a solid opportunity to pass it along. In my opinion, this is some of the best advice ever.

Next, because it’s fun, I thought it would be fun to share a little about Rube Goldberg and his machines (which are the driving force of OK Go’s video). As clipped from a Purdue University site dedicated to Rube:

Best known for his “inventions”, Rube’s early years as an engineer informed his most acclaimed work. A Rube Goldberg contraption – an elaborate set of arms, wheels, gears, handles, cups, and rods, put in motion by balls, canary cages, pails, boots, bathtubs, paddles, and live animals – takes a simple task and makes it extraordinarily complicated. He had solutions for How To Get The Cotton Out Of An Aspirin Bottle, imagined a Self-Operating Napkin, and created a Simple Alarm Clock – to name just a few of his hilariously depicted drawings.

The promise and pitfalls of modern technology make Rube Goldberg’s inventions even more relevant now than when they were originally created. From think-tanks in Silicon Valley, to the New York Times, to Sunday morning’s Meet the Press, hardly a day goes by without the name “Rube Goldberg” being invoked. In fact Rube Goldberg is an adjective in Webster’s Dictionary.

Finally, as promised, just enjoy the glory that is a Rube Goldberg synchronized with a very, very good song.



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