[Housekeeping] Changes, What’s To Come

Instead of worrying about the rest of the media world for a minute, I’m going to spend about 250 words talking about my channel here at State of the Fourth. Been working on a few key updates, but there’s logic at play.

First, you’ll now see that the “Departments” of Broadcast, Digital, News and Print have all earned some better real estate in the right sidebar. Boring update? Sure. But organization is fun. It’s what makes the world go ’round. These are now the channels by which I’m aligning the categories, and things fall under them nicely.

Of these, the most important is that I’m trying to emphasize that “Social” media is not the only part of the online channel; I think it’s greatly misunderstood – but that’s a whole book, so I won’t over explain it. It’s just, to me, social media is just a form of digital media that is created by the story of our interactions on networks we choose to participate – it’s not actually the connections themselves. To me, that’s the misconception, and I think it’s what causes dissonance between the idea of “privacy” on a network for which you registered in order to share information and news relevant to yourself. Much more on this later.

With that – time to keep chugging along. It’s been a little more than six months in this new home, so I’d like to keep it tidy.


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