Tiger’s Coming Back [Now On Mediaite]

My latest Mediaite column on the overblown media hype that I expect to come with the news that Tiger Woods will be making his return to golf at this April’s Masters is now up:

This is my one appeal: let’s try and keep the excitement in check. I’m asking a lot, I know, of the sports media to not overplay a story. Don’t bill this as the return of the Prodigal Son – let’s not forget for a minute *why* Tiger has been missing from Golf since November and it wasn’t an excuse to avoid the 16th Hole at the Phoenix Open. We’ll watch – Tiger or No Tiger – mostly because it’s a major tournament that is one of the first signs that Spring is actually coming and golf season is upon us. I know most believe that Golf media lives and dies by the Swooshed-One, but let’s try and behave with some dignity.

Full post, as always, at Mediaite.


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