[Must Read Clips] Carr on Google, China

One piece from Monday’s Times that’s absolutely worth a read is David Carr’s excellent summary of where Google currently stands in its showdown with China. So many great themes in this Google piece – the non-desire as content editor, search versus content, privacy and responsibility – that this one article could be very useful to describe where the company is these days overall.

But while Google has positioned itself in court as a global utility — a company that brings smart results from dumb pipes — it does more than search. Its results pages support a lucrative advertising business. The Google News service is a go-to source for consumers, and 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. And the company is undertaking a vast effort to serve as a searchable repository for scanned books.


In China, Google and other Internet companies act as virtual publishers for millions of people using the Internet to connect with others and to question the excesses of their government. In a sense, Google is championing the rights of all the citizens of the Internet kingdom.

Give it a read, seriously. You’ll feel smarter-er.


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