You Want Murdoch on that Wall, You Need Him on That Wall

You know something is up when I take out the Droopy Murdoch Face .

At a conference in DC over the weekend, as PaidContent reports, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch actually shared a stage with Google CEO Eric Schmidt to talk about the role of publishers and content online.

pC covered it as a normal run of the mill Murdoch message session, except for one little wrinkle that he added this time around. When asked about public attitudes of paying for news online, Murdoch replied:

“I think when they’ve got nowhere else to go they’ll start paying and if it’s reasonable—no one’s going to ask for a lot of money.”

That’s just it! Will there be nowhere else to go? Shouldn’t a quick investigation into how well a paywall would create a monopoly around specific content help to debunk this business model?

A full video of Murdoch’s session from Sunday is available here.


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