So Now It’s a Dictionary and a News Aggregator

I used to have two annoyances involving elementary school and the dictionary. First, why was I always told to look up words I didn’t know how to spell in the heavy tome? If I can’t spell it, how am I going to find it?!

Second was, of course, really useless contextual sentences. Think back to the last Spelling Bee you watched (and you don’t have to deny tuning into Scripps on ESPN2, promise I won’t hold it against you). When’s the last time the sentences they used ever seemed helpful?

Of course, Google has a solution. Google has offered it’s own, online dictionary for some time now, but a post this morning on the Google OS blog notes that there’s a new change to help answer my second dictionary pet peeve. Instead of out-dated sentences, GDictionary will now pull contextual usage from news stories and include those results with the word’s entry. You can further develop your dominance of the English language, catch up on news and piss off Rupert Murdoch – all at the same time. How can you beat that?


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