Why I Love DC [Weekend Treat]

I’ve been authoring a piece here and there for We Love DC over the past few months. As part of my contributing, I get the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on this fair city I’ve ended up in. Not the normal “weekend treat” fair because it waxes philosophic instead of provides humor, but I’m allowed that every now and then:

I’m a nomad. I haven’t been settled in anything since I’ve been ten years old when my family uprooted to move across the nation from suburban Boston to the Sonoran Desert. The joke among many of my friends is that I have no home. I’ve jumped back to the east coast for college, switched states again for grad school and then wound up here in D.C. If I was ever a professional athlete – highly unlikely at this point, but I’m not ruling it out completely – the back of my trading card would just say, “Hometown: Not Applicable.” But for some reason, that seems completely ok here.

Read the whole piece at We Love DC.

Image (cc) Flickr user gingher


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