Arlen Specter’s Concession via Twitter

I’m pretty sure this is a new one: incumbent Senator Arlen Specter (formerly R-PA, then D-PA) congratulated his triumphant opponent in yesterday’s democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s mid-term senator race via Twitter

Specter Concedes via Twitter

Let the record show, “I lose, you win” still is way under 140 characters. 2008 was supposedly the first campaign of the true digital, social age, but what will 2010’s midterm look like between Tweeting politicians and Facebook notes from former Governors? 2008 was all about the people using these tools…2010 is the leveling of the playing field of candidates showing their face on the channels as well.

Hold onto your hats, November is still quite a ways away.


One Comment on “Arlen Specter’s Concession via Twitter”

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