XKCD on Public Opinion

Just a straight up win from today’s Internet funny pages. Shouldn’t be surprising; come on, it’s XKCD:


3 Comments on “XKCD on Public Opinion”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dave Levy, Andrew MacDowell. Andrew MacDowell said: I've done no research, but my gut says this cartoon is hilarious. RT @levydr: An XKCD win on public opinion: http://bit.ly/cRp0lD […]

  2. WLTurland says:

    The alt text (always the best part IMHO): “News networks giving a greater voice to viewers because the social web is so popular are like a chef on the Titanic who, seeing the looming iceberg and fleeing customers, figures ice is the future and starts making snow cones.”

    • Dave Levy says:

      Totally agree, I should have brought the Alt-Text over with the image, but didn’t want it to look like that brilliance was my call.

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