Ego Boosting Quote of the Day On Social Relations and Digital Networks

Yes, this is a diva moment, and I’m ok with it. Your quote of the day, from a Washington Post article on Pew’s recent study on the future of social relations, is from your flattered author:

“The social grid gives us the luxury to keep low-involvement relationships — past contacts, former classmates, etc. — together. But the serious friendships, spouses, those can continue at their high involvement.”

I actually wanted to take a brief moment to go a little bit more in depth here because it’s a topic that interests me a lot, specifically as it relates to my involvement in my alumni association. I wrote on a now defunct blog in March 2009:

That’s how Facebook changes the game at reunions.

Trust me, you would have been searching for many exits to that conversation with a long lost friend from a club you hardly remember being in. And, fundamentally, while there’s always the “look how I’m doing” motivation for going to reunions, that really can’t be all.

By staying plugged in to Facebook, we’re actually skipping that step. Yeah, so there’s a few people in my friend list who I may or may not have been really close with. But that’s not the folks I’m going to reunion to see. I mentioned to a friend yesterday in a face-the-facts moment: why fake interest? Go to reunion to be back on campus with the close friends you met there. Actually – use the social network for the savings in social capital at the five year.

I can’t wait to rejoin my classmates – there’ll be a few faces who I probably have missed out on, regardless of our Facebook connections. The online participation will *never completely replace* the offline activity. And I say that with a swift, unhesitating and final certainty.

Alright, I’m done reveling in my own glory, we all know it’s bad for me anyway.


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