And the TBD Experiment Begins…

Overnight, the switch on was flipped. Instead of a waiting and guessing game for the DC-based hyperlocal media experiment/outlet, we now get a reality to poke and prod around. The bench of staff writers and partner blogs (one of which I write for, We Love DC) will ensure significant content that is both original and from the closest sources to relevant news that matters.

I won’t try to snap judgement today – there is a lot on the site to play around with and I’m just in the shallow end this morning – but, in true hyperlocal form, the best place to start seems to be the story-by-zip-code option. 10 stories already this morning for my Virginia neighborhood; 61 stories close to my D.C. office.

While I continue to poke around and as TBD gets rolling over the next few days, I’ll let Erik Wemple’s Letter from the Editor about the launch take over the last word as it comes to expectations for what could be:

So here it is. A news site. It won’t serve you a cup of coffee, no matter what you click on.


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