The Art of Fail: The Gold in “0 Views”

I’ve always been a big proponent of the supreme value of content as the best strategy, that is to say, all the techniques, design and Social Media Ninjaing in the world can never make up for crappy guts. That should be scary, in fact, it should be easy to deal with since the costs for creating rough content are bottom of the barrel, which means that even the most harebrained idea, as content, has very little cost for failing.

While thinking about this idea of content fails, and how easy it is to recover from such attempts, I was given a gift via Buzzfeed: a Tumblr dedicated to finding videos on YouTube that have zero views. Zilch. None. And giving them the audience they do (or, more likely, don’t deserve).

For example, let’s take this young fellow who just wanted to rock out some dance moves in his garage with a sketchy neighbor hanging around a pick-up truck across the street:

Loaded and lost forever to the Internet? Maybe. No longer, thanks to 0 Views.

I’m going to watch that a few more times, go ahead if you’d like. While you do it, think about this: for every body wash campaign that blows up with millions of views, there are millions of videos that never see more than a handful. Yet that doesn’t mean the content is crap (ok, in some cases it is). The quality isn’t the idea at stake here, though, it’s the ability. That’s the joy of the digital revolution – creation, not just cultivation – and even in “failure,” it can still have some sort of an impact.


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