Cracked’s Tribute To Communications Majors

As a former Communications major, I have to say, I’m in no way offended because everything here is accurate. From Cracked’s 6 Best College Majors (For Filling You With Regret):


Why You Chose It

Look, you get it. No college career is going to spit you out onto the fast track to being a millionaire. Majoring in Communications allows you to achieve the same degree as all your friends while doing, like, half the work.

Why You’ll Regret It

Contrary to popular belief, there’s one really difficult aspect of being a Communications major: Convincing everyone you’re not functionally retarded after they find out you’re a Communications major.

There isn’t a more eye-rolling, smirk-inducing major than Communications. And hey, maybe those Communications professors really are good at, uh, communicating because the only people who don’t seem to know that they’ve selected a joke major are the Communications majors themselves. I’ve met some very earnest ones, who speak emphatically about how their school has “the best Communications program in the country.” It’s sort of adorable. Like a kindergartner who doesn’t realize all their classmate’s finger paintings got first prize at the art show too.


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