“Five Mistakes” Extend A Lot Further Than Local Blogs

Great piece up over on Media Shift about five mistakes that lead local blogs to failure. Spot on in my opinion, and the brief on the five points are good to keep in mind:

Five Mistakes

#1. You’re doing it alone.

#2. You don’t know your market.

#3. Your content is weak.

#4. You haven’t thought through your business model.

#5. You have no distribution strategy.

This advice should go far beyond local blogs, and you can start with the center point. Content wins, and a plan to get it done (with other writers and on what topics) and a plan to get other people to see it (distribution) are the keys. Good writing isn’t a commodity that generally sticks out to advertisers, but it is how you grow an audience, and that’s the number that matters. These points can help out anyone if you think about it slightly more broadly. It doesn’t have to be a local market – it can be in a niche vertical or broader subject matter – content is the core, and everything goes from there.


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