Why Mobile Intersects Emergency Comms: Data

Completely agree with this assessment from RWW’s piece: #CrisisData: How Emergency Agencies May Use It:

The Mobility of Crisis

This obsession with the permanent, centralized aggregation of data seems like the very definition of slow-to-respond bureaucracy. A heartening move that obviates some of that is the suggestion to build a per-crisis API that local responders and other stakeholders can re-purpose.

An interesting reality in both crisis management and the social web is the mobility of data, which was acknowledged in the summit’s conclusions. Both exigencies of crisis itself and the fact that low income and therefor digitally limited citizens are often the victims of crisis. Whatever set of protocols, process or system are created by the summit’s subsequent working groups and implemented as a response to the reality of the digital role in crises will have to take mobility into account.


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