QOTD: On Social Media and Behavior

“On September 15, unbeknownst to us, [Alyssa Milano] tweeted about our book, “Connected,” and included a direct link to its Amazon.com page.

You might expect our sales to skyrocket. They did not. If anything, our sales rank was lower in the 24-hour period after her tweet than before. We didn’t sell a single extra copy.”

~Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler, authors of Connected, in a piece for CNN.com

Now, of course, this is consumer behavior, high brow literature of a must read book (seriously, Amazon link here) and a verified Twitter account. I bet the experiment would work vastly differently if it was a smaller, like-minded audience than the normal followers of a massively well-known celebrity. If anything, maybe the proof is that the scatter-shot approach works worse on these networks than niche targeting.


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