The Super Bowl Ad Game Has Changed

It’s safe to say that the talk of the week leading up to the Super Bowl has had some to do with the game. It’s had a lot more to do with two other completely unrelated things: the upcoming (likely) NFL Lockout that may shut out the 2011 season…and, more importantly, the commercials.

And one company has taken complete advantage of how the Internet and online video has changed the game of Super Bowl commercials.

Back in the day, it used to be about the USA Today Monday after rankings for Super Bowl commercials. Tightly focus grouped, evaluated the moment they came on the screen but that was it. There wasn’t instant reaction on Twitter – and it felt like most organizations kept thing under wraps until gameday.

I turn to Darren Rovell of CNBC to synthesize what’s new this year:

The video above came around earlier this week and it will in fact be shown during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Does it matter that 10 million people have already seen it? Hardly. But the buzz of laptop screens to the television screen will certainly help set the precedent.

Commercials being made for YouTube, not just the TV audience any more. That’s huge.


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