Breathe Deep: Crowd Wisdom and YouTube

Some truth on YouTube comments from Timothy Burke:

I’m a little uncomfortable…maybe because he’s pretty right.


2 Comments on “Breathe Deep: Crowd Wisdom and YouTube”

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  2. Holly says:

    Hmm, gonna disagree here. Even YouTube is highly insulated. The comments may be brutally honest, but they are primarily the brutally honest opinions of young men 14-29. Like forums and reddit, the community skews young and male. Comments on YouTube are loud and-to the extent of online avatars-anonymous, and those that disagree with the status quo are flamed mercilessly.

    Burke might be right that people tend to congregate with like-minded others, and YouTube commenter are often discounted as uneducated, insufferable and…awful. But claiming that it’s the most accurate cross section of America? That’s discounting the opinions of those more likely to be found on LiveJournal, blogs and Facebook.

    Our industry already puts men 18-35 at the top of the list–we’re listening to those YouTube commenters just fine, regardless of our opinion of trolls.

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