Economist Future of News Series

Tons of great stuff in this new issue, including the below infographic:



3 Comments on “Economist Future of News Series”

  1. Coffee house? More like a beer hall – that’s beer hall as in putsch. The “special report” dealt poorly with the past, so how can I value what it says about the future? It traced objective reporting to the 19th Century. Come on!!! Hasn’t anyone at The Economist heard of Hearst? Also, the report didn’t mention wire services, the largest gatherers and distributors of news.

  2. […] range of sources over the summer. Analysis, review and reporting from the likes of PEW, Knight, the Economist, Clay Shirky, the FCC’s recent 450+ page report furthering the analysis Knight Foundation started […]

  3. […] State of the Fourth Estate: Economist Future of News Series The Economist presents a rich bundle of perspective on the business of news past, future and present. […]

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