Output versus Network, the Google Plus Identity Crisis

It’s been two weeks, and Google Plus has been pegged as the grim reaper of every social network from Facebook to Twitter. Hell, apparently its so damn special that it’ll put MySpace back on its feet just to beat it again.

I have no clue if any of that is going to happen, mainly because there are just too many things going on with it, though. There are a few things worthy of breaking down in these early stages: how a G+ Circle (i.e., a user’s network) gets built and the output of content for sharing/result. In the first instance, the characterization needs to be more like Twitter than Facebook, since “friending” or “circling” is a one-way interaction. I.e., you can add me without me adding you. The second component isn’t like either of the big two to me, down to the way reactions are characterized, it’s Tumblr:

And until it’s easier to integrate the posts worth sharing into G+ (say, from reader, hint hint), I probably won’t be posting that often. Keep adding me to your circles if you want, I just won’t have that much to offer.


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