Quick Klout Rant

I just got hit up with a press release from the fine people at Klout. Look, I appreciate what you’re doing, and I honestly always read those because at least it’s directly from the horse’s mouth. Today, there was a sentence that bugged me in the newest release on some data analysis they did. Here’s the release:

We took a look at the life of a tweet for those with Klout Scores across the board and found that influencers with a Klout Score above 75 have a half-life up to *67 times longer* than those with a Score between 30 and 70. Messages from these high-scoring individuals stay active and meaningful for a very long time. No surprise these folks are influential.

What is killing me is that something got flipped along the way in the math here. I have no idea what a tweet half-life is. I was terrible at the life sciences. But I’m pretty sure that how high your Klout score is has absolutely no causal bearing on the likelihood of the tweet to extend its life-cycle. Maybe, and please feel free to admit this one whenever you feel, the people who push out those tweets that tend to live longer than most are in fact more likely to get a higher Klout score.

While I won’t go into my other concerns with the idea of tracking a score for influencing (as I like to say: Happiness isn’t a fish you can catch and influence isn’t a scoreboard), this at least riled me up just enough.


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