Stat of the Day: New Levels of YouTube Dislikitidue

As of 12:45 ET on December 8, Rick Perry’s controversial campaign ad “Strong” has earned 181,393 dislikes and 3,916 likes over some 747,000 views (the Governor, in his wisdom, has not allowed comments). That’s almost 46 dislikes for every single person who liked the campaign, and an absurd 24.8 % engagement rate on the video.

In comparison, the nearly universally hated while loved “Friday” music video by Rebecca Black (on only its official post) clocks in at a measly 3.5 dislikes for every like and an engagement rate that is 3% (without comments) and 4.8% if you include the YouTube user free for all.

YouTube commenters would have had a field day with LBJ’s treatment of Barry Goldwater.


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