The Share Wall: Coming Soon to a Mag Near You

It’s official, the Pay Wall folks aren’t running things anymore or at least are having a nice long lunch. Perhaps we have something much more cynical and self-serving that at least *relates* to this generation’s content economy. Spotted over on AdWeek by Scott Kidder, it’s a (first of its kind?) Share Wall.

I liked The Awls’s comment when they reblogged Kidder’s finding:

I want to talk to the evil stupid-genius that invented this.

UPDATE, 1:50 pm, 5/15: Nieman Journalism Lab is now saying that it was an accidental bug, not a planned feature.

2 Comments on “The Share Wall: Coming Soon to a Mag Near You”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    Here’s some more info on the bug — Kidder wasn’t supposed to see the survey or the share request. He was supposed to go to the story itself, because for some reason Google’s survey flagged him as a user who wasn’t giving reliable answers to the questions.

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